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Tammy Koonce 


T Koonce Face 2Tammy is an Instructional Specialist for Klein High School with her true love being Geography.  Growing up on military bases she was surrounded by people of different cultures and loved learning about their traditional ways of life. She lived in Russia and Canada as a missionary and has travelled to many countries doing charity work.  She has one high school age child. 






Bernardo Pohl

Past President





Stacy Flower

President Elect

HeadshotStacy Flower is a teacher at Klein Collins High School where she teaches World Geography and AP Human Geography. She is a professed “Geography Nerd”, who loves to travel and learn about new places and people. Stacy is a graduate of Texas A&M and enjoys traveling to College Station to watch her Aggies play in a variety of sports. She is married to Wes and they have 2 grown children, Whitney and Scott. 





Kristin Escobar

Conference Chair





Judy Lucas

Executive Secretary





Robert Cooms






Tina Hinze-Richards

NE Representative





John Tracy

NW Representative

John Tracy Face (1)John Tracy is a teacher with Katy ISD. He grew up an army brat on army posts in Germany and Texas. He is a traveler who has visited or driven through 45 states in the past two years. Presently he lives in a house located on a former rice farm, amidst ruby throated lizards, buzzing mosquitos, slithering snakes, skittering rats and an overgrown garden.






Sandra Curtis

SE Representative





Lorelei Thorp

SW Representative





Mary Smith

Curriculum Representative





Joan Linsley

HISD Representative